Noha Alshugairi is a licensed Marriage & Family therapist and certified Positive Discipline trainer focused on the Muslim community and based in Orange County, California.

Noha is keenly interested in helping the American Muslim family integrate faith and culture in the U.S. She was the first to teach Islamic parenting through the lens of Positive Discipline. 

In addition to one-on-one therapy, she facilitates workshops and produces videos and books.

Workshops & lectures

As a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, she conducts parenting classes on a regular basis and holds school-wide training for teachers and administrators. She frequently lectures on issues related to women and family. Her interests include: marriage & divorce in the American Muslim community, parent and child relationships, the intertwining of faith and culture in the American Muslim community, youth identity development, and the impact of changing women roles on the family unit. 

One-on-one therapy

As a licensed Marriage & Family therapist, Noha works with individuals, families, couples, and teens in a client-centered approach. Following an initial assessment of the needs of clients, she works with them to create a process tailored to their goals and styles. More details available in Therapy

Videos & publications

Noha has published videos of her parenting workshops as well as her Positive Discipline workshop for schools. She also has made a number of introductory videos available on YouTube, and is working on a book on Positive Discipline in the Muslim Home. All videos and publications are available in Videos & Publications.